Friday, January 2, 2009

Services: Headshots

For actors, models, musicians, and other performers, the classic "8x10 glossy" is often the first way you'll be seen by directors and agents. It's your gateway, your networking tool. A good headshot should encapsulate an immediate glimpse of your personality and type.

Because child and teenage actors grow up quickly and headshots will be quickly outdated, sessions for actors 18 and under are half price.

Black & White (90-minute session)
Adult $150 / 18 and Under $75
Color (90-minute session)
Adult $180 / 18 and Under $90
Black & White / Color (2-hour session)
Adult $200 / 18 and Under $100
CD of all photos with KRP photo credit and release form$20
1 finished & minimally retouched headshot with name printed (B&W/Color Session, 2 shots)
$20 ($30)
Additional finished shots
Available through

Details of Services

There are three types of sessions: a 90-minute session for black & white photos, a 90-minute session for color photos, and a 2-hour session for both black & white and color photos. Please keep in mind that I shoot everything in color and convert to black & white in processing. However, your clothing choices will differ between black & white and color. Please bring several clothing choices to your session. If female, please bring multiple shades of lipstick.

Black & White: The goal here is to think in grayscale, in terms of light and dark. I generally recommend that cliens in a B&W session wear a simple black shirt. For men, a button-up shirt is preferable to a t-shirt. It's recommended that women wear a black shirt that showcases the collarbone and doesn't show too much cleavage. Jewelry is acceptable but should be simple and minimal. Lipstick should contrast skin tone enough to stand out in grayscale. Avoid wearing blush on the apples of your cheeks. This sounds counterintuitive, but blush creates a darkening effect and in grayscale, it will make the cheeks look sunken.

Color: The goal here is to think vibrant. You want a color headshot to highlight and enhance your natural coloring, as well as be a delight to the eyes. There's no point in having a color headshot if the colors aren't delicious. Consider bright colors and prints in your clothing choices, but avoid anything that you feel might detract from your face. Again, women should focus on shirts that showcase the collarbone.

In both cases, you'll want to consider your "type" as an actor and what kind of personality you want to convey----and yet, you'll also want to look neutral enough to suggest you can transform to different characters. Most people are looking for a headshot that makes a person look fresh, fun, and approachable. Women should wear their hair down and makeup should be neutral.

The goal of each session is to produce one perfect shot to represent you (or two shots, in the case of a session that includes both B&W and color).

Finished Headshots
Following the session, I will load the photos onto the computer and select the best images. I will then work with you via e-mail to select the one shot that will be used for your headshot. Once it's selected, I will retouch the photo, then add a white border and the name you use----I generally use a bold-italic Times New Roman for the font, but we can discuss other font options.

Though the goal is to find one shot, I will finish additional shots for $10 each if you're having difficulty deciding which you like best.

For actor/crew headshots specific to a particular theatrical production, please see the service & price list for Theatre Photography.

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