Friday, January 2, 2009

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of communication do you prefer?
I strongly prefer communication via e-mail: I check my e-mail several times a day. You are more likely to reach me via e-mail than by phone. I can deliver information to you in a clearer manner, all laid out, and gives you a printable version of all arrangements.

Do you have a studio?
I work mostly on location. I will meet you in any location of your choice in the Western Massachusetts / Northern Connecticut area. In special instances you can come to my mini-studio in Wilbraham, Massachusetts.

Do you charge for mileage?
I live in Wilbraham, Massachusetts, and I do not charge when I have to travel under 15 miles. Beyond that, I have small zone charges. Distance calculations are made via Mapquest.

0 - 15 miles: No charge
15 - 30 miles: $15
30 - 45 miles: $30
45+ miles: $45

How do you deal with payment?

I draw up an invoice prior to the session and will share it with you beforehand. I will bring the invoice with me and require payment at the end of the session (check or cash only).

For weddings and events, you can pay me prior to the event in order to take away some of the stress of the day. When so many things are going on it can be incredibly easy to forget.

Prints will not be available at my storefront and CDs will not be sent until payment is received. Prints are handled via credit card at my online store at Printroom, while photo CDs are included in the invoice and mailed to you when ready.

How do I order prints?
I do not handle prints directly and I do not offer paper order forms for prints. You may order a photo CD direct from me (see question below), or you may order professional prints from my store at Printroom. The store offers prints in a variety of styles and sizes and includes mounting and album options. You can also purchase photo memorabilia like mugs and mousepads where available. After Printroom takes and processes the order, your prints will be sent directly to you. You may also return to the Printroom store if you ever need to order more prints.

What's included on a photo CD?

I make photo CDs available to all of my customers. CDs include all of the best takes from the session and are designed largely for electronic distribution. Photos on the CD have a small photo credit tag on the bottom.

If you purchase a CD of all photos, you may print them at any other location of your choice. Some establishments will require a release form; I provide a release form on the CD. Please print it and bring it with you.

If you offer prints on your online store, can I control who views and purchases prints?

Yes. The gallery of your portraits, wedding, or event can be password-protected and made viewable only by those who have the password.

What kind of camera do you use?

I currently use a Nikon D-50 Digital SLR and prefer to use a Nikkor 50mm f/1.8D AF lens. I don't use a large telephoto lens. A large lens adds weight and limits my maneuverability. The lens that I currently use is small, lightweight, and faster than most zoom lenses, and produces crisp, clear images.

What kind of lighting equipment do you use?

Because I work on location, I usually do not supply extra lighting. We will experiment with lighting at the location for the desired effect. The best general lighting is outside, on days that are slightly overcast. I try to work with sunlight and lights that are on location, but if necessary I will make use of my supplemental lighting (3 24x24" softboxes and 1 reflector umbrella, all with low-heat, energy efficient lights). These lights are also used at my home location. For theatre photography, I rely on the lighting design of the production. I never use a flash for theatre photos.

Will you deny a client service?

Yes. In order to produce a quality photograph, there must be a comfortable relationship between subject and photographer. Just as you have the right to choose another photographer, I reserve the right to not take on a client if I feel uncomfortable or mistreated. I will not tolerate rudeness.

Do you have a question that isn't answered here? Please e-mail me.

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