Friday, January 2, 2009

Services: Theatre

Most community theatre companies are working on a tight budget, but that doesn't mean that getting quality production photos is impossible.

Production Photos
$25 per dress rehearsal (shooting)
$10 per rehearsal (previewing)
Publicity Photos
Photo Call
$35 (max. 20 shots)
Lobby Headshots
$20 (cast of 1-10, $1 for each additional cast or crew member)
Photo CD
Available through

Details of Services

Production Photos
Photographs that are taken during a dress rehearsal run of the show. It's best if things are as close to performance conditions as possible in order to get the best images. I will also attend a rehearsal and not take photos, just to familiarize myself with the show and the material. If there are moments that you'd really like me to capture, please notify me beforehand so I don't miss them. I shoot continuously throughout the show, without asking actors to pause.

Receive Photos by Opening Night
Many theatre companies like to show production photos in the lobby. If you need your production photos (usually taken at dress rehearsal) by opening night, please let me know. I will sort through the photos immediately and send you the photos in one of the following ways: 1) by e-mail (.zip file), 2) by dropping off a CD, 3) by uploading photos to

If photos are uploaded to Walgreens, you can view the gallery online, place a print order, and pick up the print order at the Walgreens location of your choice----usually in an hour after ordering. You are responsible paying for your prints.

Publicity Photos
These are usually staged photos taken midway through the rehearsal process for press releases. They can be photographs of rehearsal, staged photographs with principal actors (costumed or uncostumed), pictures of the director working with the cast, et cetera. I will come to one rehearsal to shoot these photos and have them available to the director or publicist within 48 hours (see "Receive Photos by Opening Night").

Photo Call
Different from shooting production photos, a photo call generally takes place before or after a dress rehearsal, or after a performance. Give me a list of shots you like----groupings, characters, lines/scenes of the show. If the list involves scenes from the show and takes place following a rehearsal or performance, it would be best to order the list from last scene to first scene.

A photo call is open to anyone with a camera who would like to take pictures. Each shot on the list is posed (usually speaking the line that goes into the "freeze" position), photographed by flash cameras (if any), photographed by non-flash cameras (including mine), and then relaxed. Because of the time it takes to set up each shot, I will only take lists with up to 20 shots.

Lobby Headshots
Some companies like to showcase headshots of their actors in the lobby. If not all of your actors have their own headshots, or if you'd like a uniform look, or headshots of actors in character, we can arrange a quick headshot session prior to or following a rehearsal. These sessions generally take five minutes per cast or crew member, so please consider that when scheduling. Also, please make sure that everyone to be photographed will be present.

Photos will be finished like standard headshots unless otherwise requested.

Ordering Prints
I make my theatrical photos available to cast and crew members of the production via an order form which allows them to purchase a CD of all photos. The form also includes instructions on how to order individual prints via my store at Printroom.

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